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Exploring the 2013 Serpentine Pavilion on Instagram

For more photos and videos from this year’s Pavilion, explore the Serpentine Pavilion by Sou Fujimoto location page.

Since the year 2000, London’s Serpentine Gallery (@serpentineuk) has invited a different notable architect to design a structure—the Pavilion—on their lawn to showcase contemporary architectural practice. While past invitees include legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (@aiww), this year’s architect is 41-year-old Sou Fujimoto—the youngest architect to receive a Serpentine commission yet. Fujimoto has constructed a 350 square-meter structure made of delicately latticed steel poles that questions the relationship between architecture and nature.

Recently, the Gallery also commissioned London-based studio United Visual Artists (UVA) and creative agency My Beautiful City (@mybeautifulcity) to install a series of LED lights throughout the pavilion for the 2013 Summer Party. For the event, the lights flashed and pulsated to mimic the electrical charges active within a storm cloud while a perfectly synchronized soundtrack of electrical buzzing and rolling thunder brought the experience to life.

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Bringing Instagram to Life with @joselourenco

With small pieces of cardboard and a dash of acrylic paint, Portuguese artist José Lourenço (@joselourenco) is bringing the Instagram app to life.

Nine weeks ago, José posted his first play on Instagram symbology—a simple screenshot of the comment, like and follow notification that he captioned “two hearts.” He liked that first post so much that he started thinking of ways to bring Instagram design elements into three dimensions. With the introduction of Photos of You, the idea really took flight. José created custom Photos of You labels for the clouds, houses, trees and even giraffes.

For José, these posts add a new angle to the way he shares the world around him. “With the symbols I can create new universes and recreate elements of world history like Atlantis and The Thinker.” He is always looking for the right scene to match his designs: “The symbols are all designed at scale for the scene I photograph or video and are very light and easy to carry around. Yes, I carry the symbols with me all the time!” To see more of José’s creations, be sure to follow him @joselourenco on Instagram.


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