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There is a growing body of evidence that suggests sitting down for hours at a time takes years off your life. Considering the hours I spend on my haunches, attached to a computer or mobile device or even wallowing in megatropolis traffic, statistically speaking it is a small miracle I’m not already dead.

Being increasingly inactive continues to plague modern society with our constant need to be connected. One might ask the question, “How do I alleviate the stress and tension associated with hours of immobility? Exercise is certainly one, but I feel a more soothing and relaxing method is in order. While some might call the Royal Java Ritual a luxury, upon check-in with my significant other, it felt more a necessary therapeutic endeavor of spirituality, set to give back the years stolen by unkind coffee shop chairs and polluted urban streets.   

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta created just the soothing, euphoric environment expected from one of Indonesia’s foremost business hotel. The Papaya welcome drink and cold towel were a kind way to ease into the 3-hour experience. 

As I kicked back and finally shared a conversation about something other than work, our feet were bathed in small basin of warm water and rose petals by the professional therapists. 

The full-body massage that followed was nothing short of hypnotic. Toe to head, front to back, our stress and muscle tension was released into the unknown with the help of natural oils. Quiet music left us in a place just between sleep and consciousness.

A shared shower and organic herbal bath was the intermission before my first facial. I was shocked after the treatment to feel porcelain smooth skin. Leading an active urban lifestyle, it occurred to me my nose likely had the same carbon footprint as some small countries. 

The word refreshed seems a trite and inadequate term to describe my post treatment feeling. Hours of work stored as knots and tension in my body had been let released. Frustration with the day-to-day challenge of living with pollution was long forgotten. The sensation was one of preparedness to happily take on the stresses of work and being a foreign in a crowded and chaotic city. The experience is recommended to the weary business travel or anyone looking to be momentarily freed of their stresses. For more information contact Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta’s web site. 

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